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Pawfect for a Pawty! Big enough to feed a pack!


Local Pick Up Only: Please give no less than 5 days’ notice when ordering.


We start with a protein packed base, covered in cream cheese icing. The outside is covered in coloured coconut sprinkles of your choice. We then decorate the top, adding a border, matching paws, and finish off with wishing your fur baby Happy Birthday! In coloured yoghurt letters.


Please note: Paws and letters on top of the cake, will match the colour coconut that you select. Messages on cake will be as you see in picture. If you wish a different message, please add a note with your order. Alternate messages must be around the same letter count as shown in the picture.  


Build a ROAR Bone

GST Included
what colour coconut would you like?
  • The size of the bone is approximately 22cm long, the width  is approximately 14cm and is 5cm high (without decorations).

    Serving suggestion: 10-20 small dogs or 1-10 larger dogs.

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