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Are you feline this one!

Local Pick Up Only: Please give no less than 3 days’ notice when placing your order.


We start with a protein packed base covered in a greek yoghurt icing. To decorate, we add a silhouette cat biscuit on top, coated in your choice of carob or yoghurt, and ring of paw prints that matches your cat on top. Bonus! We add a splash of colour on the toe beans that will match your ribbon of choice. We think that’s furbulous! Your cats name will be placed at the front of the cake, in the colour of your choice. We finish it off with an edible number placed at the front and a coloured ribbon wrapped around their cake. Voila! The purfect treat for your furry overlords' birthday!


Please make sure to read all the instructions at the top of the page, before placing your order. We are closed on Sundays!

Purr-fectly ROARSome

GST Included
What colour ribbon would you like?
  • The size of the cake is approximately: 10cm diameter and 4cm high (without decorations).

    Serving suggestion: 3-6 serves per cake

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