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Our Origin Story

Tigger: The Heart of ROAR

Tigger was 15 weeks old when he came to us as our first rescue, actually we jumped in the deep end and took Tigger and 2 of his brothers. They were all gorgeous and very well behaved but things were meant to be with Tigger, and we just knew he was meant to stay! So we foster failed!

Not long after, we noticed him limping. After many vet visits, X-rays and discussions with vets, we heard that dreaded dysplasia word. We discussed surgery with the specialist and discussed options with our vet too. After a lot of thought, we wanted to try everything in our power to help him, that we could do naturally, and leave surgery for the last resort.

Here starts the journey of ROAR.

About Us: About Us
About Us: About Us
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Our Story Continues..

The ROAR Background

Welcome to the world of ROAR! We are an Australian owned small business, established in 2019. All our treats are made locally in Cairns, Tropical North Queensland, by a mother and daughter team, and taste tested by our head connoisseur of all thing’s “TREATY”, Tigger!


We blend nutrition and art, with your pet’s wellbeing in mind, to create fun, handcrafted, designer dog treats. As well as speciality cakes for your pets. #Because why should they miss out! Big or small, we have a treat for all!


We believe Quality and Quantity go together like a dog & a bone! That is why you will always get value for money when you enter the world of ROAR! Our ROARsome Range is made from human grade, quality ingredients and contain no artificial flavours, preservatives, added salt or sugars. We only use nature to colour our way! (Just our way of keeping it ROAR!)


Our treats are made in small batches; hand mixed, rolled, baked, decorated, packed, and you guessed it, delivered to our local stockist by us! So, you can guarantee a WHOLE lot of love went into bringing our ROARlicious treats to life!

Our cakes are made fresh to order from our menu, or custom designed to suit your pets unique PAWsonality! Our range includes a variety of healthy bases including premium lean ROAR meat that is protein packed and nutrient dense to nourish their bodies and excite their senses, giving them a wholesome experience, while celebrating their special day!


Enter the world of ROAR and get ready to emBARK on a journey of natural flavour! We look forward to celebrating life’s special moments with you and your fur babies!

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It's Not Over Yet!

A ROARsome Future Awaits

ROAR is growing and we don't plan to slow down any time soon! It's safe to say that ROAR is, and always will continue to evolve.


We are constantly developing new recipes, designing new cakes and forever looking for new ways to continue making creative yet delicious gourmet pet treats for all the fur babies out there. 


Because your furmily is our furmily!

About Us: About Us
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