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Creator of all things "Treaty!"

Hi! I’m Leah, the creator behind ROAR! After foster failing our big boy Tigger and hearing that dreaded “dysplasia” word. I wanted to do as much as I could for him, naturally that included a raw diet & holistic therapies. I began to study Animal Nutrition in 2018 and have so far, completed 2 Certificates in Animal Nutrition (HATO & DNM). I am continuing my studies and have so much more to learn, but I am passionate about food and creating treats that benefit the health and wellbeing of all fur babies! I have also completed my training in Emmett 4 Dogs (2022), and I am now a qualified practioner! To me it is all about the overall wellbeing of our pets, that pawfect balance. That is where my passion lies and if I can help other pet parents along the way, that’s Pawfect!

I am a big animal lover! Especially dogs, big and small! I am a mum of two, we (My family) foster from time to time for a local animal rescue when we can. Being around my dogs is my happy place. I choose dessert over dinner anytime! I was a teacher aide in special education for many years, I love to talk; some might say that I don’t shut up! I can even talk with my hands! (Auslan- Australian Sign Language!) I love being creative and bringing things to life from my imagination. I am a bit of a perfectionist too, which allows me to have a keen eye for detail and design and follows through with proof in our treats.

I bring to ROAR; my cake skills, that I have learnt over the years from making my kids birthday cakes, classes I have taken, and self-teaching, along with my everyday treat cooking, to blend my hooman skills with my knowledge in animal nutrition to create a fusion that allows me to create my own style of pet cakes. My cakes not only look and taste as good as the hooman ones but include nutritionally wholesome ingredients that are 100% safe and beneficial to your pets too!

Nothing gives me more joy than seeing photos of your fur babies enjoying my creations, it is the most ROARSome feeling in the world!


Head connoisseur of all things "Treaty!"

Hi! I’m Tigger! I was one of my family’s first fosters! I convinced them to foster fail and keep me by giving them the puppy eyes when I was just 15 weeks old. I am now a big boy and I am the Heart of ROAR! The reason ROAR was born! You see, not long after my furmily adopted me, they noticed I was limping and very sore. Many x-rays later, they found out I had elbow dysplasia, and I needed some extra help.

I always loved watching mum make hooman cakes for her furends, but she wouldn't give me any, because they were full of sugar and things that aren't good for me, in my diet. So, she set out to make healthier, species appropriate versions that I could enjoy and benefit from too!

And now she wants to share them with all of you! So, I am now the number one taste tester around here! I am very verbal in telling my mum when I want a treat! I am the happiest when I am close to my furmily, I love furry blankets, squeaky toys and being lint rolled, but I hate the vacuum and mower! Oh, and my favourite treats are the ones mum makes just for me!

_roar_gourmetpettreats - Daughter2 copy.

Brains of all things "Treaty!"

Hi! I’m Tianna, I work behind the scenes, helping with planning, baking, packing and everything in between! All done out of a labour of love! My day job is a teacher aide in special education, and I have recently graduated with my Bachelor of Psychology. Now onto Masters!

This is why mum calls me the brains of the business! She bounces ideas off me, and I help her find solutions to both big and small problems. I do not tend to sugar coat things (just like our treats), so I have no problems giving Mum my opinion when she is creating something new. I am the realistic one, so sometimes I need to bring Mum back down to earth when she gets wrapped up in all her crazy ideas! But I do it in a nice way!

I am a big animal lover too, especially cats, and some may call me a dog whisperer because I am known to befriend the dogs that normally don't like people. In my leisure time (which is a rare commodity), I help with our fosters when we have them, I love reading, sleeping, and teaching myself languages. I can speak Auslan (Australian Sign Language) too and am currently teaching myself Korean. My goal is to be a polyglot as well as a Psychologist, so I can help people in many languages.


I cannot wait till the day Mum can employ someone so that I can keep my hands clean and catch up on some much-needed sleep!

Meet The Team

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