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How AdoROARable is our Cupcake cake!!!


Local Pick Up Only: Please give no less than 3 days’ notice when placing your order.


We start with a protein packed base, covered in icing. Next choose between carob or yoghurt panels for the "cup". We then decorate these in the cutest little, hand piped paw prints. Then choose your colour of "fROARsting" to be swirled on top! Before we finish the cake with the "cherry on top", or in our case, a heart on top! A matching number will be placed at the front of the cake, and your dogs name will be on the board to match.  


So get ready to start the pawty and get fROARsted! 


Please make sure to read all the instructions at the top of the page, before placing your order. We are closed on Sundays!

fROARsted Cupcake

GST Included
Please choose which panels you would like?
What colour would you like?
  • The size of the cake is approximately:

    4 inch- 10cm diameter and 4cm high (without decorations).

    Serving suggestion: 2-6 smaller dogs or 1 larger dogs

    5 inch- 13cm diameter and 4cm high (without decorations).

    Serving suggestion: 2-8 smaller dogs or 1-2 larger dogs.

    We recommend feeding our cakes over a minimum of two serves. 

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