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Are you feelin lucky?


Whats in the box?

  • It could be a new release
  • It could be something we are working on behind the scenes that's rare, and we arent adding to the shop
  • It could be something we have in stock
  • Or it could be something totally random


You'll just have to take a walk on the ROAR Side to find out! 


Things you need to know;

  • Lucky Dips are Pet treats only
  • Generally a lucky dip will include one of our ROARSome Treats, at a special discounted price. The odd occasion there may be more than one treat included
  • The price of the lucky dip will change at times, depending what treats are in the box
  • If "dipping" more than once, you may get double of the same treats, or we may mix it up. 
  • All mystery treats are final, no swapping sorry.


Lucky Dip

GST Included
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