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Are you ready for a teddy bears picnic?


Local Pick Up Only: Please give no less than 3 days’ notice when placing your order.


We start with our grain free biscuit base, layered with different flavour explosions within each layer mixed with yoghurt. Topped with swirls of cream cheese, holding tiny tea cups with teddy bears, a sprinkle more of crumble and a yoghurt paw as the centre piece. 


Your pets age will be placed on the front of the cake, and their name on the board in yoghurt letters.


Please make sure to read all the instructions at the top of the page, before placing your order. Please bring a chilled esky with ice, to pick up, to keep your cake as cold as possible whilst in transit. We are closed on Sundays!

ROARBeary & Cream

GST Included
  • The size of the cake is approximately 10cm diameter and 4cm high (without decorations).

    Serving suggestion: 2-4 small dogs or 1-2 larger dogs.

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